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Andaman Island Wedding: Located in the Bay of Bengal , the Andaman islands are a group of some 572 islands, with rich flora and fauna and a heaven for marine and aquatic life forms. The island apart from being a major tourist attraction is a home to one of the most primitive tribes of the world, the Ones . It’s unspoiled beauty and serene environment makes it a dream destination for aspiring couples to tie the knot there in the lap of Mother Nature and be blessed by her for an enduring relationship.

Couples can opt for any of the following islands in addition to many more. Jolly Buoy Island,Red Skin Island,Havelock Island, Cinque Island,Barren Island Chatham Island, Ross Island,Viper Island. etc. each providing a unique anddifferent experience from the other.

We integrate the following services in our wedding plans apart from any other services that’s put on request:

1 Obtaining Permission : The first step to the wedding plan gets started when we obtain the necessary permission from the respective authorities to host the event and like wise book a particular venue for a number of days depending on the length of the festivities associated with the wedding.

2 Transportation and Stay : Transportation related to the ferrying of the hosts and the guests to and from the venue with other associated short travels within the particular
venue is undertaken with a very detailed approach.

3 Catering: Chefs and cooks experienced in handling special events are roped in to offer the guests with a rare mixture of traditional and modern cuisines from around the world accompanied by champagne and other drinks to go with each spread from the breakfast to the lunch ,evening meal to the dinner and snacks squeezed in between each meal.

4 Sight-seeing and water sports : Wedding EYE Wedding Planners in Delhi – integrate the services of trained guides to assist the guests in exploring the natural beauty of the venue island with the scope of guiding them through the different water sports and fun and frolicking associated with a marine set up.
5 Set Designing and overall decoration : Any requirement to put up a makeshift construction designed to address the need of a shade for the functions is an integral part of the wedding plan . Such construction is duly decorated with appropriate lighting and elaborate flower arrangements to give it a warm
ambience for the guests to soak in and be mesmerized.

6 Video and Still Photography : The wonderful events of the special occasion are video recorded by trained photographers to be preserved for the future.

7 Wedding Trousseau: We offer to present the bride with a selected collection of designer trousseaus to choose from according to her likings. A lot of creativity and inspiration with the design elements like contemporariness , style and comfort goes into making the bride in the trousseau really stand out.

8 Bridal Makeup: Our expert beauticians transform a woman into a bride with their detailed makeup skills like concealing , highlighting, use of colours and adding a shimmer and glint to the shy bride bringing out the best in her for a confident look.

9 Dismantling of sets: On successful wrap up of the entire occasion we extend our services to the dismantling of the created structures and cleanup of the venue as per standard norms.

Wedding Planner in Delhi, will get in touch to guide you with details about Andaman Island Wedding.

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