Sea Link Cruise Tickets Online Booking

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Sea Link Cruise Tickets Online Booking 

Sea Link India Private Limited is a luxury cruise company of international standard that brings cosy voyage experience with safety precautions onboard for the holiday enthusiasts. With plush interiors, spacious seats and ultra-modern features, it presents great hospitality and warmth. The deep-sea vessel also provides panoramic natural vistas of Andaman to all the guests in their vacation.

With maritime transportation becoming popular in Andaman for sightseeing, we strive to provide the guests unparalleled onboard services with excellent food so that they relish fine dining while enjoying the lush green rainforest, white sandy beaches and blue crystalline sea.

The Sea Link Cruise is bifurcated into 2 Decks Upper and Lower which is classified into three classes Business, Premium, and Premium Plus and is equipped with glamour and entertainment quotient which means guests will not have a single dull moment. To enhance the overall experience, there are visual entertainment facilities as well inside the vessel.

Sea Link is a complete Luxury Cruise that brings a wonderful maritime transportation experience for all tourists in Andaman. Imported from Singapore and manufactured by well-known company. It is built with all the state-of-the-art facilities and integrated with lavish up-to-date features to impress all holiday enthusiasts. It sails from Port Blair Phoenix Bay jetty to Havelock Island. The second destination is from Port Blair Phoenix Bay jetty to Neil island. Whether it is your honeymoon trip or family vacation, group holiday or secluded retreat you can surely get into your groove, and celebrate as you have never done before.

Speed: It can attain a top speed of 23 nautical miles and takes a duration of 1 Hour 15 Minutes minutes to cover the distance between Port Blair and Havelock Island.

Distance: It sails from Port Blair Phoenix Bay jetty to Havelock Island. The second destination is Port Blair Phoenix Bay jetty to Neil island.

Seating Capacity: The magnificent vessel can accommodate 200 Guests and is equipped with Air Conditioners. The Upper Deck comprises of Business Class prepared with 27 seats, Lower Deck Front Position Premium Class 84 Seats and Lower Deck Aft Position Premium Plus Class with 100 Seats.

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