Climate Of The Andaman And Nicobar Islands

The islands of Andaman and Nicobar enjoy the climate that is typical regions around Bay of Bengal. The islands are warm with ample amount of sunshine and yes there’s sufficient humidity as well. When classifying broadly, the islands can be considered to have just two seasons: one when it is raining and the other when it isn’t.

Considering that the islands experience a tropical climate, the islands must typically be very hot however the cool breeze that keeps blowing in from the sea maintains the average temperature in the range of 23 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius. The weather conditions here are never extreme, they are neither too hot not too cold. However when it rains it pours and you can expect some storms here during the monsoons.

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The islands experience either summers or monsoon and the winters here does not resemble the winters elsewhere.


The monsoon arrives twice in the islands: the first time it arrives in May and lasts till August and the second time it arrives in November and lasts till December. Since the rains are usually heavy and accompanied with storms, this time is generally considered to be an off season and tourists tend to remain away from the islands during this time since the average rainfall during this time is 318 centimetres. During this season the temperature of the Islands falls down to a range of 22. 5 degree Celsius and 29.9 degree Celsius.

It is not entirely impossible to enjoy the islands during the monsoons. However, most of the adventure or water sports are no longer allowed during this period of time. But if you love to enjoy being amidst lush green nature and do not mind admiring nature from indoors then it is a great time to be on the islands however tourists do stay away from the islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands during this season.


The summers in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are quite temperate however the sea breeze again comes to the rescue and this makes the island pleasurable as well as enjoyable. The summers here last from March and goes on till May and this is the reason why these months are considered to be the peak season for the tourists since a large influx of tourists can be seen during this time. The summers are very pleasant and the temperatures do not go very high during this period. The temperature largely hovers between somewhere around 22 degree Celsius however it may reach beyond 30 degree Celsius. This kind of temperature is not a bother at all since, as earlier mentioned, the breeze ensures that blows in from the sea keeps the island cool.

There are several different kinds of activities that are available all through the summers like sea walking, wind surfing, deep sea diving etc with sea walking being especially popular among tourists. This season is the most popular among all the tourists who are planning on visiting the islands. You can find most of the tourists enjoying themselves on the beautiful beaches that the islands have to offer.


Winters here on the islands do not seem like winters elsewhere largely because the temperature does not dip too low. The winters here in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are not very cold at all and are considered to be balmy since the temperature does not drop too low. It remains from December right through February. This makes the weather perfect if you would like to go sightseeing.

Since the weather remains pleasant during the winters as well, it is not uncommon to find tourists on the island during this season as well.


Humidity is s whole different facet here at Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The humidity of the islands reaches up to 80% and the reason for such high humidity is the fact that the islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal. This makes the islands significantly humid and also warm. Normally this kind of humidity ensures that people remain uncomfortable and sticky but you will never find the same issues plaguing the people who are on the island. In spite of such high humidity climatic conditions, the cool breeze coming in from the sea makes it tolerable.

Best time for visiting the islands

The best time for visiting the islands of Andaman and Nicobar is considered to be from October to May. Although any time in this period is great to visit the islands, the most ideal time among this period to visit the islands is considered to be from November to March.

During these months the islands experience a calm type of weather where it is neither too cold nor too hit but just right to enjoy the sights that the island has to offer. This weather is also ideal for enjoying the numerous water and adventure sports like sea walking, wind surfing etc that are rife all across the islands. Apart from the water and adventure sports this type of the year is also ideal for exploring the islands and also for trekking.

Visiting the islands during the months mentioned above is ideal if you would like to soak in the sun and enjoy the number of activities that are available all across the islands.

The climatic conditions here at the islands of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is mostly very pleasant except for the monsoons when you may expect a few storms coupled with some heavy downpour. If you are planning on visiting the islands during summers do ensure that you have booked your tickets as well as your accommodation well in advance.

No matter what time of the year you plan on visiting the islands, one thing that is for certain is that you will simply enjoy your stay. So go ahead, visit the islands and have a great time and make way for some great memories that you will remember for the days to come.

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