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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been inhabited by people of numerous origins, which probably had a some influence in the food choices. In current day and time, the food here available abundantly in local stores, eateries and common places is mostly Indian. Indian people, mainly from the southern states and West Bengal has migrated here in the last few decades, and it is their influence that is visible in the cuisinine choices available here.

The finest of all Indian cuisine have been passed on from one generation to another largely by the word of mouth. Like several other aspects of the Andaman Islands, the food of the region too has seen an influence of the Christian, Hindu, Muslim and also Sikh religions in its traditional food. You can see this impact in the tasty and substantially spicy cuisine that can be found in the Andamans.

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The cuisine that is found in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be broadly classified as North Indian Food and the South Indian Food. You can find restaurants dishing out cuisines from across the world however the Indian cuisine is the one that you will find to be more widely consumed.

North Indian Food

Although most of the recipes of Indian origin use exotic spices and have a distinct aroma, the North Indian Food is quite different and has distinct characteristics as compared to the South Indian Food.

Usually the North Indian Food that you find either in the mainland or here at the Andamans have a very thick gravy which is undoubtedly very tasty as well. As is the case with most of the Indian food it does get quite spicy sometimes and you will also find that they make use of the dairy products like paneer, butter, milk, yogurt etc. You will usually find nuts being served in the North Indian Food.

The North Indian Food does include several different kinds of flat breads like paratha, roti, tandoori roti, kulcha, naan etc where each one is different from the other in the way it has been prepared and cooked.

North Indian Cuisine usually gets eaten with these flat breads instead of rice. Apart from these flat breads there are other kinds as well which gets deep fried.

South Indian Food

South Indian Food is very different from the North Indian cuisine. The Malabar Coast which is part of South India is well known for the use of spices in its food. Some of the notable spices which get added in this cuisine include nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and cardamom. The region of south India is abundant in fish, coconut, root tubers etc and these have been incorporated in a number of dishes that you will find in the south Indian cuisine. Unlike the region of North India where wheat is used a lot more abundantly, in south India you will find that rice is used a lot more abundantly.

Considering that the islands of Andaman and Nicobar are a lot closer to south India, for several generations people have been migrating over to the islands and have carried with them their cuisine which have found their way into the local cuisine as well.

South Indian Cuisine is rife with several different types of dosas, idlis vadas and sambhar. There are several different kinds of both vegetarian as well as non – vegetarian dishes and most of these make use of spices and also coconut in generous quantities. The way they temper food is almost always the same which makes use of oil, curry leaves and mustard seeds and some of them make use of red chillies and also urad dal in their tempering as well.

People who live in and around the state of Kerala mostly eat fish. That is their staple food which is mostly accompanied with boiled rice. Snacks that the region is famous for includes banana chips and also jackfruit chips.

The cuisine from the state of Andhra is unique in its own right. It is home to some of the famous biriyanis and kebabs. The food here is very rich and hot and one can see a very heavy influence of the Mughal cuisine.

Papads, dry chutney powders and pickles can be found to be made use in the South Indian cuisine.

Since Andaman and Nicobar are islands, you will find that almost all of the restaurants here serve sea food and there are quite handful restaurants which are purely vegetarian and serve the vegetarians who visit the place.

We are listing below some of the most famous restaurants here in the Andamans.

  • Lighthouse Residency

If you eat meat then while visiting the islands allow yourself to try the sea fare that is widely available here. Lighthouse Residency which is located in Port Blair is known to be one of the finest restaurants to serve sea food.

  • Red Snapper

Another go – to restaurant to satisfy your craving for sea food then you can always dine in at Red Snapper. It is part of the famous Wild Orchid Resort and the restaurant is known to ooze out a rustic charm complete with furnishings made out of bamboo and also a thatched roof which will never let you forget that you are in a tropical restaurant.

  • Mandalay

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your partner over some delicious food then Mandalay is the place to be. Located in Fortune Bay Resort which is present in Port Blair it has a very breezy open deck which is perfect to enjoy a beautiful evening. They are known to dish out some exceptional sea food so seafood junkies can go crazy over their wide array of dishes which includes lobster, crab and fresh fish. You can also find Indian as well as Chinese cuisine as well.

  • B3

If you are looking to consume some dishes from the continental cuisine then B3 located at the Havelock Island is a place that must be visited. The place serves pastas, burgers, sandwiches and pizzas.

While in the islands, check out the area and do not forget to try out the sumptuous spread of sea food that is available here.


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