The Amazing Andamans

Located in the Bay of Bengal, the Andamans are a group of islands forming an archipelago off the coast of India. The tourism spot has revived itself and thrived after the 2004 tsunami, and is currently a global hotspot for tourists. To reach this wonder, travellers have the choice of going by plane or by boat. If you want to get there fast, take a flight. Else, if you want to take the scenic route, there are passenger ships that depart and reach Port Blair in three or four days. There are several attractions to see once you’re there.

Cellular Jail  

Easily the most historic monument on the island; it is a colonial structure that was used to house political prisoners by the British. Notably, many rebels in the Sepoy Mutiny were transported to this prison, as were later dissidents of the British rule. The jail has seven wings radiating out from a central tower and stands as a national monument today. Several Andaman Tour Package include a guided tour of this place.

Saddle Peak  

Saddle Peak is the highest point of the Andaman Islands. It stands at 732 metres and is located in Saddle Peak national park. If you enjoy trekking, spare a day to trek to the top of this beautiful mountain. The journey there will also not disappoint, as you walk through 8 km of beautifully preserved forest land. It is best to make all arrangements before you leave for the trek, as arranging for guides and stay might be difficult once you reach the park.

Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill is the oldest one in Asia. It is also on of the biggest as well and is a very popular attraction for tourists. Your best bet is to get a guide in your Andaman Tour packages to walk you through the mill’s rich history and culture. It was one of the few places that were directly bombed in the First World War and has since been brought back to its former glory. There is also a museum on its premises that shows off beautiful handicrafts for all the connoisseurs of art.

Corbyns Cove

We come back to nature again with Corbyn’s Cove, one of the busier beaches on the islands. Only 8km from the centre of the city, this is a great alternative to Port Blair and a quick getaway during your free time. It has a number of adventure tours that you can include in your Andaman tour packages, from zip lines to jet skis. There are a number of bars and restaurants that dot the shoreline as well, so you won’t go either hungry or thirsty from all the running around!

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